Are Dentists in Perth Open Over Christmas?

First and foremost, before we proceed any further, please allow us to wish you all the very best for the festive season and the upcoming New Year.

For those of you getting into the Holiday season, no doubt you’ll have stocked up on sugary treats and treats enjoyed exclusively over the festive season, and rightly so. After the last couple of years that we’ve all had, it’s safe to say that we all deserve a treat and to be kind to ourselves.

As delicious as sugary treats can be, they’re not exactly the best things to consume with regards to your teeth. Those of you who have ever experienced a toothache, or a dental emergency for that matter, will know all too well just how painful it can be and how difficult it can sometimes be to get into a dental practice when it really is an emergency.

With the Holidays coming up, the last thing any of us want is to suffer a dental emergency, only to find that our local dental practice is closed until the New Year. So, are dentists open over Christmas? The good news is that if you do need a dentist over the holidays, Tuart Hill Dental will be open over the festive period.

Are dentists in Perth open over Christmas?

Here in Perth, you’ll typically find that dental practices are closed over the Holidays, typically from Christmas Eve Right up until the New Year. That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t help anybody out there suffering with a dental emergency and requiring immediate dental treatment. 

That’s why Tuart Hill Dental have committed to staying open for you this Christmas and New Year, to enable you to access the care and treatment you require, if indeed, you happen to need it.

Whether you’re a new patient we haven’t treated before, or if you’re a regular we’ve been seeing for years, our Tuart Hill Dental Practice will remain open over the festive period so you can undergo emergency treatment if needed, or simply make use of your time off from work to get a routine check up or treatments in. 

So, are dentists open over Christmas? Well, we certainly are, albeit with some slightly different opening hours. We will be closed on Christmas Day and all public holidays, but will be open on the weekdays between Christmas and the New Year. 

For our full opening hours over the Holidays, please see below:

Tuart Hill Dental Christmas opening hours

Saturday 25th December


Sunday 26th December


Monday 27th December


Tuesday 28th December


Wednesday 29th December


Thursday 30th December


Friday 31st December


Saturday 1st January


Sunday 2nd January CLOSED

Monday 3rd January


Tuesday 4th January


Wednesday 5th January


Thursday 6th January


Friday 7th January


Saturday 8th January


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