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Tuart Hill Dental Centre delivers professional and affordable dental services with an extensive line of products and procedures to the local residents of Osborne Park, and other surrounding suburbs in Perth WA.

Located just a quick 5 minute drive from Osborne Park, Perth, the friendly team at Tuart Hill Dental provides general, pediatric, cosmetic, and emergency dental services to help ensure your smile is beautiful and bright.

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Our dentists at Tuart Hill Dental near Osborne Park is open six days a week and offers evening appointments (Monday–Thursday) to help fit within your availability and needs.

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Dental Services for Osborne Park WA 6017

If you live locally in Osborne Park or work along Scarborough Beach road Osborne Park you can benefit from a wide range of dental treatments and services at Tuart Hill Dental.

We have sleep dentistry available for all patients, which is an excellent method to make your next dental visit more relaxing. Patients who have fly-in/fly-out schedules, dental phobia, or want a lot of work done in one visit will benefit from sleep or sedation dentistry.

Below are some of the dental services we offer to residents of Osborne Park.

Emergency dental

It's happened to all of us. A cracked tooth, a missing filling, or an unexpected dental emergency can produce discomfort and worry for everyone! Fortunately, our experienced dentists near Osborne Park are there to assist you with your after-hours care requirements, whether it's as a result of an accident or if you haven't been in some time.

Teeth whitening

In one 90-minute session, we can remove stains and discolouration from your teeth while enhancing their colour. Zoom! teeth whitening at our Tuart Hill dental clinic is effective, safe, inexpensive, and fast.

There's no need to wear trays or wait for gradual whitening over a long time. Our treatment produces quick and painless results for almost anyone looking for a brighter, whiter smile.

Zoom™ in chair treatments start from just $795 while, Zoom™ home whitening kits cost $395 less your health fund rebate.

Dental implants

A dental implant is a replacement tooth root that is placed in the jawbone and resembles an artificial tooth root. Dental implants are a strong foundation for fixed (permanent) or removable prosthetic teeth.


Do you want a straighter, more even smile without the appearance of traditional braces? Clear braces are used in the Invisalign teeth straightening technique to correct misaligned teeth.

Unlike with traditional braces, there's no need to be self-conscious or concerned about speech problems with Invisalign® teeth straightening. The clear teeth braces are more comfortable than they've ever been before.


Custom porcelain veneers (a.k.a. teeth veneers or dental veneers) from our dental clinic near Osborne Park may help you improve the look of your teeth without having to go through major dental treatment.

Our Osborne Park dentists can make your teeth appear whiter, straighter, and gap-free without the need for extensive orthodontics or lengthy procedures using high-quality dental veneers.

Gum disease

The most common reason for tooth loss among adults is periodontal disease. Gingivitis is the initial form of this illness, also known as gum disease.

Gingivitis affects almost everyone in the world. It's easy to reverse if you follow good dental hygiene and get expert maintenance to remove difficult-to-clean tar build up. Regular general dental check-ups are essential because early treatment may mean the difference between saving your natural teeth and losing them.

Mouth guards

A custom-made mouthguard, which is a must-have item for both adults and children who participate in any contact sport or activity where there is a risk of facial injury, should be regarded as an essential component of every sports kit. At Tuart Hill Dental near Osborne Park, we provide gap-free mouthguards to individuals with private health insurance ancillary coverage.

Preventive dentistry

At Tuart Hill Dental, we think that preventing oral health issues is preferable to treatment. This is why our skilled dental team will first do comprehensive exams and on-going evaluations to guarantee that not only immediate treatment goals are met, but also long-term oral health planning is conducted.

Patients' teeth are meticulously cleaned and polished during the initial examination, and oral hygiene instructions given.

General dentistry

Tuart Hill Dental provides a wide range of general dental services at the best possible outcome at the lowest price. Before any treatment is done, our dentists will give you a treatment strategy with all associated costs.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns (or caps) that are natural looking, long-lasting can not only improve your smile but also restore the tooth's strength and function.

A bridge is a new tooth kept in place by the teeth either side. It is made to fit perfectly in your mouth and can restore the natural appearance of your smile.

Children's (pediatric) dentistry

Consult Tuart Hill Dental if you're looking for a dentist in Osborne Park, Perth. Our experienced and caring staff will assist and guide your children through their three primary stages of dental development. We'll discuss teething, good oral hygiene practices, and preventive measures like diet and fluoridation.


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Choosing the right dentist is important for preserving and staying on top of your oral health. Tuart Hill Dental ensures that each of our patients receives the high-quality dental care they deserve.

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Directions to Tuart Hill Dental from Osborne Park, Perth

We are happy to accept new patients from Osborne Park. Whether you or your family live locally or work along Scarborough Beach Road Osborne Park, our friendly and experienced dentists are here to help.

Getting to our dental clinic in Tuart Hill from Osborne Park is simple. We’re located just a short 5 minute drive (2.7 km) via Cape Street.


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